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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekly update

Good afternoon, it is I, DJ Randolph, sorry it has taken me awhile to get on the blog but there have been other priorities, but I should be able to post everyday now.  First of all giving honor to My ABBA Father that is in Heaven Allmighty YHWH and my LORD and Savior YAHUSHUA, I am thankfull that  HE has given me the Holy Spirit to guide me in this spiritual walk and more intimate relationship with him by getting to know him by his original Hebrew name and getting the most out of the Power of calling upon that name.  I am currently still in the process of moving forward with doing what needs to be done to pursue my career in the NFL, I will be evaluating potential candidates for positions needed to help me in all phases of my journey.  I appreciate all the comments that have been directed towards me keep them coming,  I will as I have said before will put together my log of my prior trip to Cleveland and will post it as soon as I have properly written it up.  Thank you for all of your patience.  I would also like to thank my Mother Dorothy for her support as well as my sister Joyce, you have been a blessing and an eye opener that you have no Idea of.  The WORD continues to be my guide and and strength because after all where else do I have to depend once friends, family and all other sources are gone.  Continue to pray for me and I will pray for you keep the faith and remember my NIKE slogan "Never Too Late, Get it Done!"

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