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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

50 year old NFL rookie quarterback

Hello again everyone this is DJ Randolph back at you again. just starting out in the blogging business, but not in my quest to becoming a legitimate quarterback in the National Football League.  Some people might say that I'm crazy, but lets be honest you have to be a little crazy at 20, 25 or 30 to offer your body up to the football gods.  My quest began on this venture in 2009, December to be exact when I had an inspiration to attempt to go on this journey towards the NFL.  When I got this vision I assumed immediately that it was from GOD, my first thought was that I don't want to play football, if anything I'd rather play basketball and in case you haven't noticed LORD I'm 48 years old and kicking 50 in the butt.  I asked the LORD even if I considered to move toward this goal of playing in the NFL, number one I don't know anything about playing professional football, GOD said don't worry about it. Number two I'm not in any shape to play professional football, again GOD said don't worry about it, number three I live in Denver, CO and I'm sure that the Denver Bronco's have enough problems than to have to deal with training, coaching and bringing a half century old man up to speed on what to do when you have a 278 pound defensive end coming around the corner and blowing by your left guard.  Stay tuned to this blog and I will tell you more about this amazing journey and How I arrived at this place in time to write this blog.

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