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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

 Good Morning Fellow Bloggers, as most of you already know I have been embarking on a career in the NFL as a Quarterback, GOD has truly been good to me and has blessed me beyond measure. I had the opportunity to submit workout video to the Cleveland Browns last year, unfortunately the scouting dept and coaches had enough QB's in camp, I remained in Cleveland and continued to work out and stay in contact with player personnel. I have a trainer and an agent in place. Due to the lockout I returned to Denver to continue with my training and pursuit of this vision.  While being here in Denver I have come to realize that I cant do this all by myself, I need a support team in place to handle all the aspects of my goals.  I am recruiting the necessary personnel to put into place to move forward with my pursuit of a career in the NFL.  First and foremost I have to emphasize that GOD truly has his hand in this so I know that the people that HE has designated to support me in this vision will be touched to respond.  If anyone has the professional experience in any of the following areas I am setting up my team to help me reach my goals.
1.  Marketing Expert
2.  Blogging Expert
3.  Web Design Expert
4.  Personal Trainers
5.  NFL Quarterback Coaches
6.  Professional Photographers
7.  Financial Advisers
8.  Sports Attorneys
9.  NFL Agents
10. Athletic Sponsors i.e. Gatorade, NIKE...etc

Any support from my Bloggers family will be greatly appreciated, please contact everyone you know to help support me in my goal get to the NFL.  My personal goal on the net once my page is set up is to go viral with at least 1 million supporters. Please email me at:
I will give continual updates on the progress as I get them.  Thank you in advance DJ

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