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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Busy day today

Sorry my fellow bloggers, today was one of those days.  After doing my morning walk today at 6:30 am and then a brief workout I had to pick my son up by 9 and take him over to East High School for registration. thinking that by getting there early we could beat the crowd.  Riggggght....... My son Lil DJ and mother Stella found out that due to registration requirements new students with no verifiable address (within the school district) they just got here from Houston, TX where he went last year.  Needless to say we are residing in Aurora with ties to Denver.  We had to get verification via an affidavit and have it notarized in triplicate, and they said that thry would follow up at a later date to see if the family actually lived there.  Are you serious?  By the time that was all done, the registration line was all the way down the street to City Park.  Well not that long but felt like it. Any way sorry for the delay, I have been working my tail off trying to generate traffic to my blog to move toward my goal of 1 million.  I got ten more people and four of them was me.  Lol pray for me yall. "Never Too Late, Get it Done"!

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